Pink Clock next to words: Why You need to wake up your faith

Why You Need to Wake Up Your Faith

Do you have a hard time putting God first in your day to day life? Are you so busy that the thought of adding one more thing seems daunting?

I want to share with you how I made that transition to putting God first in my life every day. And no, it wasn’t easy and I’m still not perfect at it. But my life has made a complete 180 when I decided to put Him first and make that change in my life.

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There was a time in my life when I was struggling daily with being single, STILL! I was in my 40’s and pretty much depressed daily about this. Now…if you haven’t been single for a very long time, this may seem crazy, but let me tell you…this was KILLING me being in my 40’s and going through heartache after heartache and all the married ladies around me saw no reason for me to be struggling so much.

Idols Before God

I felt a little nudge, which I later realized was God, telling me, “You’re struggling because you are putting something way before me!” (MIC DROP!!) 🎤

The idol that I was putting before God was my singleness; where’s my husband? You may not be able to relate to the singleness part, but you might be putting other things before God: your marriage, finances, kids, job, etc… Anything we put before God, makes God unhappy, very unhappy!! See post below…

What Idols are You Putting Before God?

Spending Time with God

This was the time I realized I have got to start making an effort to put Him first- first thing every morning, not just whenever I have time to say a little prayer

Clock with white sheets around it

And yes, I was an extremely busy woman at the time I decided to do this. In fact, I owned my own company and also was teaching fitness classes, ballroom classes, AND personal training at 4am!!!! So, YEPPERS, I had to wake up CRAZY early to fit God in.

All I’m asking you to do is set your alarm in the morning just a few minutes earlier and start small. I have some great blog posts on this:

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Reaching God through Journaling

You WILL see a huge change if you start to make this a consistent new habit in your life. God will change your heart, your schedule, your motivation and your life!! I mean, hey, He brought me a hubby!!!!

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