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God’s Gals Retreat

How to be all in with your faithMind, Body, Spirit


Fall, 2020

What to expect at God’s Gals Retreat

Just a little sampling of what you’ll get at this retreat…

  • Portion of each sale going to charity
  • Proven easy to follow morning routine that’s easy to follow and not time consuming
  • No more overwhelm with daily Bible reading and quiet time
  • Christian Yoga and Meditation
  • Workouts and stretching that bring faith into our fitness
  • Healthy eating tips and tricks
  • New lifelong godly friendships
  • Guest speakers to help with your faith, mindset, and fitness
  • All meals are chef prepared and included
  • Painting classes, bonfires, and relaxation projects  

The Speakers

GG Mack

Author and Speaker

GG Mack is the founder of God’s Gals, an online business that teaches busy women how to put God first in their lives. She is married to an amazing man, Michael, and lives in Ormond Beach, FL with their precious fur baby, Lucky. GG has been in the dance and fitness industry her whole life. She has been a professional ballroom dancer, and owned a Zumba studio. She is also a yoga instructor and personal trainer.

Although this has been her passion and calling for so many years God was cultivating in her the faith God calls all of us to have. A faith that comes first in our lives. Living in the dance industry, GG’s entire life, she has learned how to “fit God into her busy life”. It is GG’s goal to help women worldwide to learn that anyone can make time for God daily, even in an incredibly busy life. She does this through her blog, YouTube channel and her Annual Christian Women’s Wellness Retreats where she, along with other experts, helps women in their faith, their health and their mindsets.


Glenda O. Grimsley

Licensed Psychotherapist

Glenda has been practicing psychotherapy for over 18 years. Her practice focused many years on adolescents and the myriad of challenges facing our youth today. Currently, she works with many women, couples, and men and continues to work with young people. She thrives on learning as she continues her educational pursuits focusing on new developments in brain research. She is licensed in hypnotherapy and distance counseling.

Glenda lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is married to her college sweetheart, Don. They have been blessed with a long marriage, two wonderful children and four amazing grandchildren.


What God’s Gals are Saying About the Retreat

A wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience. I was surprised at the people who came from great distances, and how well we all got along. It was such an interesting group of women. It was perfectly orchestrated. All of the workshops and fitness classes were first rate.


Transcending enlightenment

First words that come to mind, “Transcending enlightenment.” This was truly a beautifully pure, peaceful, healing, and transformational experience. GG’s retreat lovingly bathed me with a thorough cleansing of the spirit, mind, body, and soul. It also reinforced the love between my daughter and I, and strengthened our relationship by implementing simple tools we learned at the retreat, which we promised to do on a regular basis after we left (still going strong). We created new memories that will live on forever! We will DEFINITELY be back for more. THANK YOU!

Norma R

Retreat was transformational!

My experience at the Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat was Transformational! I liked that every day was different yet everything we did was geared towards the same end goal.

Dena Adams

It was wonderful….

I would describe my overall experience at GG’s Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat as WONDERFUL!! I loved it!!!! It had absolutely everything we needed there. GG…..it was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect, but every class and every session touched my heart in one way or another.

Teresa Freeman