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Dahlonega Resort & Vineyard
picture of ladies in yoga poses with GG in the front in a split
Christian Yoga
women in a circle, holding hands and praying with their heads bowed
Daily Prayer
8 Women at a winery drinking wine and looking at the camera
Winery Tour
Women staggered on steps of a house outside laughing really hard
Lifelong Friends, Sisters in Christ
GG standing in a red workout outfit with the mountains in the background.  Her hands are up in the air with excitement
Christian Women's Wellness Retreat
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God’s Gals

Christian Women’s
Wellness Retreat

Dahlonega Spa and Resort

Oct 13-16 2019

Transform your life by putting God first
through Mind, Body and Faith

The 2018 Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat was truly God-blessed and life transforming. Check out our video on this incredible 1st annual Retreat!!

What God’s Gals are Saying About the Retreat

A wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience. I was surprised at the people who came from great distances, and how well we all got along. It was such an interesting group of women. It was perfectly orchestrated. All of the workshops and fitness classes were first rate.

Transcending enlightenment

First words that come to mind, “Transcending enlightenment.” This was truly a beautifully pure, peaceful, healing, and transformational experience. GG’s retreat lovingly bathed me with a thorough cleansing of the spirit, mind, body, and soul. It also reinforced the love between my daughter and I, and strengthened our relationship by implementing simple tools we learned at the retreat, which we promised to do on a regular basis after we left (still going strong). We created new memories that will live on forever! We will DEFINITELY be back for more. THANK YOU!

Retreat was transformational!

My experience at the Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat was Transformational! I liked that every day was different yet everything we did was geared towards the same end goal.

It was wonderful….

I would describe my overall experience at GG’s Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat as WONDERFUL!! I loved it!!!! It had absolutely everything we needed there. GG…..it was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect, but every class and every session touched my heart in one way or another.