God's Gals

Christian Women's Wellness Retreat

Dahlonega Spa Oct 16-19 2019

God's Gals Christian Women's Wellness Retreat Countdown

Reserve your booking today to join the 2109 God’s Gals Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat at the Dahlonega Spa and Resort in the North Georgia Mountains

What did we do at our first retreat? Running a retreat was completely a vision that God gave me through lots of prayer time. I want to share the details of the retreat, how I planned it, and God's hand in all of this. ggmack.com #runningaretreat #god #faith #retreatplanning

Teresa Freeman

I would describe my overall experience at GG’s Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat as WONDERFUL!! I loved it!!!! It had absolutely everything we needed there. GG.....it was perfect. I didn't know what to expect, but every class and every session touched my heart in one way or another.

What taught me while following His lead; God gave me the vision for my first ever Christian women's retreat. I am sharing 4 things that God taught me; apply this to all areas of your life. ggmack.com #faith #wellnessretreat #christianretreat

Dena Adams

My experience at the Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat was Transformational! I liked that every day was different yet everything we did was geared towards the same end goal.

Have you done your goal setting for 2019? Are your goals centered around God? I'm going to give you 10 easy ways to focus your New Year's goals on God. Putting God first in our every day is the best New Year's Resolution ever!! ggmack.com christiangoals #goalsetting #goalsforlife #newyearsresolutions #prayer #godlygoals

Norma R

First words that come to mind, "Transcending enlightenment." This was truly a beautifully pure, peaceful, healing, and transformational experience. GG's retreat lovingly bathed me with a thorough cleansing of the spirit, mind, body, and soul. It also reinforced the love between my daughter and I, and strengthened our relationship by implementing simple tools we learned at the retreat, which we promised to do on a regular basis after we left (still going strong). We created new memories that will live on forever! We will DEFINITELY be back for more. THANK YOU!

Are the holidays a difficult time for you or maybe just full of stress? Is it difficult finding the time or desire for God during this busy season? I want to share with you my tips to help you focus on God, even during this holiday season. ggmack.com #holiday #stress #god #jesus #christmas #stressfulholidays #prayer


It was a wonderful experience. I was surprised at the people who came from great distances, and how well we all got along. It was such an interesting group of women. It was perfectly orchestrated. All of the workshops and fitness classes were first rate.

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