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Making God a Priority

Is Making God a Priority difficult in your busy life?

You wake up, make coffee, get ready, grab a quick snack, check social media, and run out the door off to a busy workday.  Where’s God????  He’s nowhere to be found.  Does this sound like your daily life?   Let’s face it, we are all insanely busy nowadays and it’s not getting any better.

making God a priority in a busy life; picture of a woman working and using phone

I’m here to assist and give you 4 easy steps to making God a Priority!!


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1. Making God a PRIORITY – 5 minutes with God

Ideally we all want to wake up and have hours to spend in prayer and reading the Word.  But, let’s face it…we are some busy ladies and I am sure you are thinking, there is NO way I can fit one more thing in.  But, this one thing is the most important thing you will fit in all day long!  Time with God.

Let’s start out very small and nothing overwhelming.  Wake up just 5 minutes earlier – yes, just 5 minutes!  You  can either go into your bathroom, shut the door and have a short prayer time with God first thing or grab that coffee first and go to a quiet place in your house.  Just chat with God for 5 minutes – a quick prayer time.  And definitely thank Him first thing for just awakening you to a new day.  We don’t want to start our prayer time with just ASK ASK ASK

If I am short on time, I like to

  1. Thank Him for waking me to a new day
  2. Praise Him for all the wonderful blessings in my life
  3. Pray for others
  4. Pray for myself and my business
  5. And lastly, I like to ask for His guidance throughout my day

Here’s a quick way to get in 5 minutes with God and get a good stretch in, too.


Making God a priority in your daily life; picture of someone working on a phone

2. Making God a Priority – Multi Tasking

Yes, we can multi-task and bring God in at the same time.  God totally understands how busy we are.  But just showing Him that you are willing to fit Him in ALL day long, is the best thing you can do.  So how are we going to fit Him in???   Do you have a commute to work or driving the kids to school?  Why not put on worship music, a Christian sermon on the Podcast app or the Bible or a Christian book on Audible???  All great ways to get your “God-on!”

When I go for my morning walk, I put on headphones and blast some worship music (ok ok, I know that blasting the music may not be good for my ears, so let’s pretend I didn’t say that, lol) and have prayer time.  OR, I put on a sermon while I’m walking.  Such a great time to have solitude with God.

Think about other times during your day when you’re doing something that requires no concentration: putting on your makeup, cooking a meal, showering, folding laundry, etc…  those are great times to pray, listen to worship music, or listen to a Christian book/podcast.  Make this work for your schedule.

Making God a priority; fit God in everywhere; picture of woman driving

3. Making God a Priority – Bring God into Everything

You don’t have to just be in a quiet place sitting down with your Bible and meditation music in the background.  God wants to chat with us all day long.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Have a chat with Him.  Driving to work, sitting in your office, making the kid’s lunches, going to the bathroom (yep, God even wants to hear from us then,) in the elevator going to an important meeting, sitting in the carpool lane….you name it, God wants to hear from us.  We’re His kids, so of course, He loves to hear from us.

If you’re so busy running from one place to the next, why not set an alarm on your phone for times when you know you’ll be doing mindless activities: carpool lane, cooking dinner, work commute, etc…  Those are perfect time to remind yourself to check in with God.


4. Making God a Priority: End Your Day with God

Starting your day with God is just as important as ending your day with God.  He wants us to bring Him into the entire day.  This can be as simple as a small prayer with Him before you fall asleep or keep a short devotional beside the bed and read that at bedtime.

As you’re laying in bed at night, you can thank God for your day, thank Him for all of your blessings and ask for a peaceful night’s rest.  You do not need to spend hours in prayer as you’re going to sleep.

Making God a priority; fit God in everywhere, even in bed at night

Do you think you can make God a Priority???

As you can see, it IS possible to fit God into every part of your day and will not take up all of your time.  Although, He is completely deserving of ALL of our time because He is our Creator and in charge of our time!   So it is a bit funny that we are too busy for Him, yet, He can completely change our entire daily schedule.  So I always wonder why we’re too busy to fit Him in???

I love this quote from Joyce Meyer because this is so very true.   We shouldn’t have to work Him into our day.  It should be automatic that He is in our everyday life.  But I do hope that these 4 easy steps make it easier for you to find ways to fit God in daily and give Him that PRIORITY in your life.  I can promise you, you will see a huge difference in your life if you put Him first.  I know this firsthand.  That’s a blog for a whole other day, lol!!

Making God a priority in your daily life

How are you going to fit God in everyday?  Are these tips helpful for you?  Let me know how you make time daily for God.  I would love to hear from you.


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