God speaks in many ways; picture of a bible

Is God Speaking To You?

Have you ever wondered if God is speaking to you?   Have you ever been curious to know if you are reading His signals correctly or if you are just making it up?

God speaks to us in so many different ways and no it’s not audible, of course, wouldn’t that just be the easiest?!  We need to learn how to look for the different signs of the ways God speaks to us.  

Here are 4 EASY WAYS to interpret God’s signals…

GOD SPEAKS to us through His Word/The Bible

We are so blessed that God has given all of us His Guide to Life!  We don’t always look at His Word like that, but it truly is the way God wants us to live.  When God speaks to us through His Word, He’s instructing us on how to live righteously; to grow in our faith, obedience, and love for Him.

God speaks to us in many ways, Picture of a woman with her Bible

God speaks in many ways; picture of coffee and a book

We are bombarded with so many devotionals, Christian books, and self-help books and yes, you can definitely read those, too.  But first and foremost, He wants us IN His Word!  DAILY! Maybe you’re thinking: “I have no idea where to even start reading that big massive book.”  And that’s OK!!  It is a very overwhelming book to read and not the easiest read.  You have many options on how to break it down and hey, that’s a whole new blog post for me to write.   But for now, why not just start in the Psalms.  You can read one Psalm per day and pick out your favorite verse and journal about it.

During your daily prayer time, God may even put on your heart the book in the Bible He wants you to read.  It’s important to Be Still in your prayer time and not just constantly ASK ASK ASK.  He wants to speak to us, but sometimes we are too busy asking for things, that we miss what He is telling us.


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GOD SPEAKS to us through Circumstances

You may be going through a really rough time right now and can’t help but be angry about it and maybe even angry that God is allowing this to happen.  BUT, maybe, just maybe, He is trying to speak to you through this event.  He may be trying to get your attention, to get you to slow down, to get you so down and out that you have to reach out to Him.

God speaks to us in many ways; Picture of coffee and a book

God speaks to us in many ways. Picture of Jesus sign and worshippers

This is something I can truly relate to right now in my life.  I have been a fitness professional for 20+ years.  Fitness has pretty much been my identity!  For the past 1 1/2 years, God has broken my body down to the point that I cannot do the workouts I’m accustomed to.  Nor can I even think about teaching fitness classes anymore.  All I can do is go for long walks and yoga.  After complaining to God and anyone who will listen for the last year, I realized that God is completely changing the direction He is taking me.  God is speaking to me BIG TIME!  Check out this blog post I wrote on this very topic.  This will help you as well, if you think God is changing your direction in life:

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It was through this circumstance that God has been speaking to me.  It took me about a year to figure this out, but I know NOW!  He truly is turning my focus from fitness fitness fitness to HIM!  Pay attention to these things and what really helped me was journaling. When you start writing about what is going on in your life everyday, you will start to see how God speaks and exactly what He’s doing in your life.


GOD SPEAKS to us through Others

God can speak through others to reach our hearts.  This is why it is so important to surround yourself with like-minded friends.   Join a Bible study/small group, get involved with a church, start volunteering, and maybe even find a Christian counselor.  Put yourself out there to find new friends who will truly have your best interest at heart and will be honest with you.   It can be so intimidating to put yourself in new situations, but I have found that being a part of a small group is where you will meet friends who truly care about you and whom God will use in your life.

God speaks through others

If you have a hard decision to make, going through a stressful situation, or just need someone to talk to, this is when God can truly speak through others.  When we are in the same situation day in and day out, we cannot see what’s in front of us.  But God can use others to show that to us.  It can come in the way of a kind word, a testimony, a warning, or a blessing.

We are all servants of God and listening to others can help put our lives in perspective.


GOD SPEAKS to us through Prayer

Prayer is HUGE and we need to be spending time in prayer every single day.   Here’s a blog post I wrote on making that time for God every single day.

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Making time for God everyday can seem very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!  Don’t think you need to set aside one hour in a dark room with candles and soft music playing in order to have that quality prayer time.  God doesn’t require that.  He just wants us to talk to Him throughout the day.  He just wants to know we are putting Him first in our day.  How is God going to speak to us if we don’t even make the time for Him????

God speaks through prayer; picture of a woman praying and reading her bible

Here are some simple ways you can do this:

  1. Before your feet even hit the floor, first thing in the morning, thank God for awakening you to a new day.  Thank Him for your ability to move, walk, talk and whatever blessings you want to thank Him for.
  2. Set your alarm just 5 minutes earlier.  Spend those 5 minutes alone and praying to God for guidance through your day.  There is NO better way to start your day than by putting Him first!  You can always increase that time, the more you get used to this consistent God-time.
  3. Chat with God throughout the day: in the car, before a meeting, in the carpool lane, while cooking dinner, etc…
  4. Put on worship music and use the music as your prayer time.

There are so many ways to talk to God throughout your day and it doesn’t require hours of your time.  Just let Him know you are thinking of Him all day.  It is through our daily prayer time that God may speak to you.  It’s important to spend this time with Him everyday so we can hear God speaking.  Yet another reason I think journaling is so important.  If we write our prayers down daily, we will be able to look at each day and see what He is saying to us.  You may not see it right away; it could take weeks, even months before you see anything, but continuing this daily time with God, you will start to see ways He is speaking to you.

Our prayers tend to consist of asking for something, but remember that it should be a conversation. This means that there should be an exchange of communication: talking, listening, and understanding.

Every prayer is heard by God. Sometimes his answers are “no” or a resounding “yes.” His answers are more intricate than the expected Magic Eight-Ball answers. It will be definite. Make sure you’re present and acute to hear God’s response.  God does not need a loud, thunderous voice to speak. Sometimes it’s that tiny, barely audible voice that reaches your heart and you know.

Don’t second-guess it. Listen to it and see if it aligns with God’s Word and who God is.


I’d love to hear how God speaks to you….  Have you heard from Him recently and how did He speak to you?  Or maybe you have your own advice to add to these suggestions.  I always like to hear from my God’s Gals!

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