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Ever Thought You Misunderstood God?

Have you ever thought you heard from God and followed the path you thought you heard and failed miserably? Or perhaps it’s taking foreeeevvvvaaaahhhhh????

It’s easy to let doubt come into our thoughts when we hear from the Lord and we end up somewhere we weren’t expecting. Today I want to share how God changed my path, a complete 180, yet, things didn’t go 100% like I would’ve thought and the doubt creeps in.

Two years ago, I was big into my fitness career (I’d only been in the fit biz for 20+ years!) I began to ask God if I was supposed to be in a different career…was my biz bringing Him glory and if not, what should I be doing?? Well, He answered alright! Not in a way I would’ve expected at all.

God removed my fitness career from me completely by removing my ability to even workout! No more fitness for me – talk about a SHOCKER!! That’s all I had known my whole adult life. He then began to reveal to me that He wanted me to run a Christian women’s retreat. I argued a bit because I know nothing about that, but I did follow. And I will admit, I thought that if God gave me the vision, my retreat was have been sold out, with a waiting list and people begging to get in, HA HA HA! Well, not quite…

I truly thought my retreat was a huge failure because it didn’t sell out and I was begging people to go.

So how many of you have felt this way? This kind of failure? Maybe you heard God wrong? Why would God set me up for failure?

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For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God’s plans are not ours! God’s timing is not ours! Such huge truths we must remember at all times. God will give you a vision and yes you may run with it and do it just the right way, BUT, maybe God has a different plan. That doesn’t mean you’re a big failure! It could be that God still needs to work on us; maybe He needs to refine us; maybe His timing is just not the same as ours. It could be anything at all, but if you are truly following His vision and you’ve measured that vision up against His, you just have to keep going with it. God will let you know if it’s time to stop. Here’s a good post on this very topic: Is God speaking to You?

I truly felt like I had completely heard God wrong when my retreat didn’t sell out. BUT, when that retreat began and the women were rushing over to me to tell them I had already completely changed their lives, just by being there, man oh man, I knew God’s hand was ALL OVER that retreat! And yes, we felt God at every moment of that retreat and lives were completely transformed.

What we think of as success and what God thinks of as success may be totally different!!

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Successful Christian Women’s Retreat

Truly shows what an incredible event my first retreat truly was! No need to EVER doubt God and His plan for you. Just take that one step to follow Him and He’ll take care of the rest.

Instead of wallowing in the doubt and self pity, we should run to God; this will lead us to truth, and truth will lead us back. It will remind us of why God brought us to this place. Truth will remind you that you did hear from the Lord and that He’s been with you in the process all along.

If we allow the doubt to take over then we will end up bitter and angry with the Lord, however if we seek the Lord and ask Him why He brought us to this place, often He will show us the way out. I don’t understand God’s ways so I’m not going to say He will always show you the way out right away, but I know in time He will.

Check out this short video on this very topic. Hopefully this will help you deal with some doubt in your own life.

So, how do we deal with this doubt as it creeps in?

  • Stop the doubt instantly and PRAY!
  • Verbally tell Satan that you will NOT listen to His lies because your God is mightier than all! (of course you can say whatever you’d like to say)
  • Journal about your doubts and fears and find verses in the Bible to combat that feeling of fear.
  • Write down a good verse, memorize it, and carry it with you. Use this every time that doubt creeps in.
  • Talk it over with some good godly friends and have them pray for you.

1st Annual God’s Gals Retreat

This picture says it all – 10 gorgeous godly women coming together to grow in their faith, meet new lifelong friends, bask in the north Georgia mountains, enjoy much needed relaxation time and so much more. God truly was in every second of this retreat and I doubted Him!!

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1st Annual God's Gals Retreat

When you find yourself beginning to doubt God and His plan, just Stop and Pray! Continue on your path for Him. If God has given you a vision, continue to follow it, even if it seems wrong or you keep experiencing failure. God will make it succeed in His timing. Remember my retreat story above? My vision of success was not His – I truly thought the retreat was a big failure but He proved me wrong!

Share with me a time that you thought you misunderstood God. I’d love to hear some great examples.

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2 thoughts on “Ever Thought You Misunderstood God?”

  1. I think that as long as we are moving and listening to the direction of The Holy Spirit, God will lead us and put is in the place that He has called us to be and do the things He has called us to do. It took Moses 40 years in the dessert to be fully mature in order to do what God called him to do. We need to be patient, we need to endure, we need to listen to His leading and trust Him with all of our hearts.

  2. this is so very true Carolina! You hit the nail on the head. We need to listen, trust, be patient and just wait on Him. Great point about Moses!

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