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Does God Ever Do Anything Easy?

Why does God do the things He does??? Have you ever prayed for something and then you see how God answers that prayer and you want to take the prayer back? 🙏🙋‍♀️

I have been looking back over my journal from the last few years (exactly why I think it’s so important to journal each day,) and seeing the cray cray ways God has answered my prayers. Here’s a good post on how to start your journey: How to Reach God through Journaling

I am beginning to see so many prayers being answered and as I look back I realize, God has never answered a prayer in a simple way. I’m beginning to think that He doesn’t “do easy.” Am I right?? I had to share, in the video below, how God – – – took my precious puppy away (after a prayer), got my heart horribly broken (after a prayer), my husband got in a horrible accident (after a prayer) and so much more.

Once we begin to look back at the chain of events that have occurred in our lives, we realize that God sees the big picture in a way we could never fathom. We have to learn to trust Him even when He does not answer a prayer in the way we think He will. You’d think we’d get it by now 😂😂 But I also want to add, when God does answer a prayer, it’s so much better and bigger than we could ever imagine. It may not be the way we wanted, but GOD’S KNOWS BEST! We are not Him and will never truly understand His ways or His timing, but it’s all about TRUST! Trust in His plan. He has such incredible plans for us all and believe me, I never would’ve thought that going through some of the pain He has put me through would lead me to the amazing blessings that He has brought into my life. God is good, all the time!!! He always wants the best for us and we just have to stay faithful.

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