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Are We Living Too Safely?

I have a feeling this is something all of us can relate to. I was reading my daily readings this morning and came across this verse and had to share with you; it’s all about remembering who’s strength we have at our fingertips. 💪🙏

Galatians 5:25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

We have to stop dreaming Small and DREAM HUGE! Can I get an AMEN!?!?!🙌

God wants to use us in a HUGE way, not some small puny way. We need to stop making ourselves smaller and go for it! Stop making excuses or worry about what other’s may think. Do you think God created us so we could hide in the corner and dismiss our talents???? Did He create us to sit around and do nothing??? NOPE, He did not!! 

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GG at her Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat

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Don’t Play it Safe

We must take steps of faith and STEP OUT! If we live our lives too safely, we will never know the thrill of seeing God work in our lives.

Who’s are we? We are God’s creation. He has empowered us to live way beyond what is natural to us. We tend to forget that.

We never need to worry about our own strength or our own limitations because God’s strength is limitless; there is NOTHING He can’t accomplish.

I always ask God, every day to make sure I’m following Him and His path for me and not going on my own path but HIS! This comes from spending quality time with Him daily, not just whenever I have time, but MAKING that time for Him daily! I want to be used in a HUGE way for Him.

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Always Reach Up to God

My desire is for everyone of you to find a way to fit God in every single day because I KNOW what a huge change it will make in your life. BUT, I know how very very busy you are. You could really benefit from my FREE 5 day challenge; I am teaching my ladies how to fit God in, every single day, yet not taking up the entire day.

Dream Big

Have you wanted to go after a dream but constantly doubting yourself? Maybe you don’t think you’re capable of accomplishing what needs to be done? We all need to remember who we serve; our God is a huge God, He’s limitless. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish with God working through us. Don’t put limits on our Savior and don’t ever worry that you can’t accomplish your dream because you have a holy Lord that you are serving; He can and will work through you and do anything.

And let us remember to stop living so small and playing it too safely. God wants to use us in a huge way; LET HIM DO IT!!

Take one tiny step of faith, don’t just sit around and wait for a “sign” – take one little tiny step of faith and God will see it through, I promise you!

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