Packing Tips

Packing Tips from a Recovering Worst Packer

May 11, 2018 | Coach GG

Packing Tips Series

So, first of all, this won’t be some blog post on how to fit 2 weeks of travel into a carry-on because there’s NO way this gal can accomplish that!  Like I said earlier, I was the WORST Packer ever, so I haven’t completely recovered from that, HA HA HA! BUT, just the fact that I can pack into one large bag and it NOT weigh over the limit, is a huge accomplishment for me.  So if you’re expecting amazing tips on how to pack 4 outfits for weeks of travel, you’re not finding that here!!!

 I want to reach all of my ladies out there that are major over-packers and just need help scaling that down  Or maybe you’re like my former self, who used to bring the entire closet and shoes to match everything and different tops and pants for everything…you get the point.

 Does any of this sound familiar????

  • Takes about a week to pack

  • Will be up until the wee hours the night before figuring it all out, even after packing for a week!

  • Pack way too much

  • Very indecisive about what climate to pack for

  • Always go over the weight limit

  • Stressful no matter how long the trip

I want to share with all of you the tips and tricks that I have learned from my many travels.  As I embark on a new Wellness Retreat Travel adventure, this gal will be packing TONS more, so I am going to share as I go along the way.

Stay tuned for my Packing Tips Series!!

If you are interested in a fun girls trip coming in the fall, let me know, I am beyond excited about it!!!

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