Packing Tips

Packing Tips – Accessories!

May 18, 2018 | Coach GG
I personally am still learning the art of packing but wanted to share with all of you what I am learning as I perfect this skill.    Make sure you go back and read my previous packing tips blog and more to come after this as well……

Now, just to give you some background…I have always been the Worst packer on the planet.

  • Takes me about a week to pack

  • Will be up until the wee hours the night before figuring it all out

  • Pack way too much

  • Very indecisive about what climate to pack for

  • Always go over the weight limit

  • Would have no clue how to ever pack in JUST a carry-on

  • Very stressed out over the thought of travel and packing

BUT….this reformed gal is slowly becoming a pro!  As I met my hubby, who travels for work, I was able to go on more and more trips around the world and have learned what NOT to do and what TO DO.  I have also begun a Wellness Travel business, so I better get good at it, right????


The trick is in the ACCESSORIES!!  Yep, that’s it! Ok, see you later, hope this was helpful, HA HA HA HA!    See….I do love my accessories!  Even in the summer, still using scarves – planes are cold peeps!  Plus, it they’re lightweight, they work in the heat!


Ok, but seriously….I always wanted to pack ALL of my cute things in ALL the colors.  I felt it was a bit sad that whenever I traveled, no one got to see how cute i really am, LOL!  Because how was I supposed to pack everything cute i owned? And I do mean everything: a pair of shoes to match every single outfit in the largest suitcase you can carry; at least a 29!   But usually bigger!  ALWAYS over the weight limit!  

So the trick really is in the accessories.  Pack basic tops: a few tanks (some cute and some basic), short sleeve shirts, and a long sleeve shirt.  A button up to also layer over items, a casual jacket and a lightweight cuter one. So the trick is to make the outfits look different with scarves, necklaces, big earrings, and mix up the shoes; take a casual sandal, a dressy sandal, cute flats and a tennis shoe for lots of walking.   And NO you don’t need to pack a shoe to match everything!  I tend to just pack basic nudes and a black and that’s it!
Sounds simple but it does work and makes it easier to pack less clothing.

Stay tuned next week for MORE tips on what I’ve been learning from my many travels.