GG and her curly hair

It is possible to have FRIZZ-FREE Curls in South Florida!

Where are my Curly GIrls?

Do you love or hate your curls?  How many of you deal with humidity and just can’t get your curls to do “right” ???

GG, her curls and a curly hair product

Let me tell you curlies, I used to HATE my curls, I mean, HATE them!  Once I discovered the “curly girl method”, that will be a whole other blog post, I finally fell in love with my curls!  No more frizz and they look great almost 365 days/year!

Even though I live in crazy humidity already, I knew when we traveled to south Florida, that would be a whole new level of humidity. I was dreading the daily hair routine while there.  But let me tell you….my hair looked amazing!  I was blown away by how great it looked.  So of course, I decided to make a video (see below)!

With curls, what’s most important is moisture.  Curls lack moisture in general, so it is important to be applying the products on your hair while sopping wet in the shower or over a sink.  After washing your hair with either a sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash (wash with a silicone-free conditioner), I then apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner.  I put my hair under the water again to get it sopping some more and apply my gel.  This gel I provided a link for, is a very strong hold gel, so feel free to try a lesser hold if you prefer.  Lastly, the most important is a microfiber towel.  Do NOT use a terry cloth towel, only microfiber!  You can either lightly scrunch the moisture out with the towel or plop your hair (also must be another blog post, lol!) into the microfiber towel.  If you don’t own one, you can use the link below or just use an old t-shirt

Curlies, learn to embrace these God-given curls!  So many people pay tons of money for them, so we need to appreciate them.  Believe me, I know what it’s like to hate them but so thrilled I finally learned to love these fab ringlets the Lord gave me!

Let me know if you have tried any of these methods and how it worked for you.  If you have products that you love for your curls, I would love to hear all about that, too.  Go CURLS Go!

Products Used:

Microfiber Towel:

Arc Angel Gel:

No Poo Shampoo:

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Travel Diffuser: