Giddy Up and Try Country Heat

August 10, 2016

I am just falling in love with our newest workout series: Country Heat.  If you haven’t been to my FB page to see my many Live videos, you gotta to check it out:  Get Fit with GG      I even got my hubby to dance with me in one of the videos.    Truly, ANYONE can do this workout and it’s so much fun.   I would even say to those of you that don’t like country music, I think you’ll be very surprised.    They’re using more current country songs and if you haven’t heard country in awhile, it doesn’t sound like it used to.  It’s much more contemporary and pop sounding.  Even Footloose is one of the songs!

So, I have only tried a few workouts so far because I want to start it fresh with my group, but the ones I’ve done, I really liked!    I was working up quite a sweat in just the warmup song and each workout is ONLY 30 minutes long; truly flies by!    You don’t even feel like you’re working out.     I saw some results from the first test group and it was amazing!  You just wouldn’t think a dance workout would give such great results; check these out:


 I must admit guys, I wasn’t excited when I heard this workout was coming out.   I am more of a hard hitting, weight lifting, jumping up and down with push ups and burpees kinda gal.  So I really thought this was going to be way too easy!   But I’ll tell you, the 2 workouts I have done, I was dripping with sweat and could feel my abs and legs.

Another thing I love about this program is the meal plan.    It’s the same meal plan I have been on for 9 months and absolutely love it!  It’s so easy to follow and teaches you about portion control and how much of each type of food you should be consuming.   And it’s easy to make into your lifestyle. Obviously, it’s changed my lifestyle!

Want to hear what else is fab???    Our On Demand service, which comes for FREE when you get this awesome workout, is going to debut a cooking show in August that will help with this meal plan.  That’s so exciting!    I can hardly wait for that and it’s a real chef making up the recipes.   So, good stuff.

So, who’s ready to join me on the Country Heat journey???   I can hardly wait to start.  My group starts on the 15th and I do still have room for about 4 more ladies.     I can promise you, if you follow this program to a T, along with the meal plan, you WILL SEE RESULTS!     And guess what, you’ll get your money back if you don’t!

Contact me if you want to join us; this is going to be a blast!!!    Email GG