August 24, 2016
I just completed Insanity Max30 and I am beyond proud of myself for doing it!     This was by far the hardest workout I have ever done in my life; kicked my booty on a daily basis, but I persevered!    I refuse to give up and when I set my mind to something, I MUST complete it.

So I’ll be honest, this was not a workout program I enjoyed; it was so hard that I did dread it every single day!  BUT, this is also because I am not a cardio kinda gal!  I love to lift weights and I would be fine only lifting weights, but I know I must add more cardio to my regimen.    If you like cardio, jumping (although there is a great modifier), burpees, pushups, HIIT training; you will LOVE this program.   The great thing is that it’s only 30 minutes each day.  So a very quick workout and you’re done for the day.     That’s what I love about our programs so much, so many of them are only 30 minutes and maybe 45 at the longest!  That means, no driving to the gym and paying a membership or trainer and no wasted time in the car.  You just run to your room, do your workout and BAM, you’re done!

I can’t tell you how good I feel that I accomplished this task.  I didn’t know how I was going to do it, especially during the very first workout, I was maxing out during the darn warm-up!    But look at me, 60 days later, I survived, I didn’t die and I feel amazing.   This program will definitely get you lean, give you abs and totally work on your upper body strength as well.   Being the true weight lifter that I am, I didn’t know how that would be possible, but leave it to Shaun T, he made it work BIG TIME!

I will now go back to my weights; haven’t decided if I’ll do Hammer & Chisel again or Chalean Extreme; love them both.  But tomorrow, I will do a big time yoga workout to stretch all of this out.

In September I’m going to be starting our Beachbody Health Bet; this is where you can win up to 3 million dollars if you complete the 30 day challenge; WOW!  How exciting is that???   I can’t wait and at the same time, I’m going to start a 21 day Cleanse!  WHOA!   Big things happening in September.

Let me know if you’re interested in joining the Health Bet; my group is filling up fast.

Let’s go attack that workout, guys!  You can do this.  As Shaun T would say:  Dig Seriously Deeper!