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Why We Really Avoid Time with God

It’s 2019 and we can access any info at anytime. Am I right or am I right? YET, even though we can access the Bible at our fingertips, Bible studies and devotionals, we rarely make that daily time for God. 🤔🤔 Why is that???

Only 14% of Americans read the Bible daily; that ain’t too good. (taken from the site, Barna) Knowing how incredibly life-transforming God’s Word is, it’s hard to read that stat. 🤦‍♀️

When I recently launched my God’s Gals Tribe, I did so much research prior to launching. These were the biggest reasons WHY my ladies don’t spend daily time with God.

  1. No Time
  2. Not Motivated Enough
  3. Complete Overwhelm
  4. The Bible is just too big to even think about diving in to
  5. Need Daily Accountability
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I totally understand! That was so me, when I began my journey with the Lord years ago. I was struggling with singleness (still in my 40’s!) and humor me if you’ve heard this story many times before. The thought of “getting a husband” consumed my every thought and I felt God telling me that I will never find that man, if I don’t put HIM first in my life. That was pretty much a major hit over the head from the Lord.

At that time, I was so busy, had a crazy early job, had NO idea where to start, and didn’t even want to attempt the Bible. But, hey, I did it!! Slowly but surely I did and with tons of trial and error, I have written a few blog posts that can get you started with this, too.

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So WHY do we spend so little time with the Lord? Why do YOU put it off daily?

1.No Desire

I believe many Christians know that spending time with God is important, but just really don’t have a desire for it. And who wants to dive into that huge book called the Bible anyway??? Maybe this is you? Don’t feel bad about it, but I have a tip….

FAITH TIP – begin to pray for a change of heart about this. Pray that God will give you a hunger for more of Him and His Word. I can promise you, God truly wants to answer that prayer!!!

2. It’s Hard

So many reasons I hear from my ladies often; the thought of carving out time to do one more thing and exactly what do you do. Seems like such an overwhelming task, right? Here’s a simple way to start diving in:
Easiest Ways to Start Reading the Bible

FAITH TIP – guess what??? Lots of things are hard when you start out: a new fitness routine, eating healthy, running a 5k, joining a new club, etc. But…the more you do it, the easier it gets and the more fulfilled you are. AND if spending daily time with God can (and WILL) change your life, isn’t it worth it??? START SMALL! (see all of my blog posts above? so many great time saving tips ⬆⬆⬆)

By the Way, my God’s Gals Tribe will help you with this very thing! I break it down everyday with exactly what you need to do and in a quick manner.

3. We Don’t Think It will Make a Difference

Let me be the first to tell you, IT WILL!! Oh believe me, I was so skeptical at first. I was a believer and I did love the Lord, but never made time for Him daily; just really didn’t think it mattered. I mean, God loves me no matter what, right????

James 4:8 Come close to God, and God will come close to you.

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When I did finally start my daily routine with God, I only started with 15 minutes per day and daily Bible reading (started at Genesis 1) After only a few months of doing this, I could totally see a change in my life and I don’t mean a small change, big ones! I could see God showing up in ALL areas of my life. That’s what God wants!! He wants us to desire time with Him. And who doesn’t want a life transformation?

FAITH TIP – ask God to show you how much you need Him. Ask God to increase your desire for Him and daily time with Him.

4. No Time

This is probably what I hear the most from my ladies. No one has any time. With full time jobs, taking care of kids, cleaning a house, going to school, kids activities, working out, etc… Zero time is left and NO WAY Jose can they add one more item to that “to do” list. Here’s a good blog post to help make this more bearable:
Morning Routine with God

How to Treat Your Body like God’s Temple (this one is good for trying to fit God in AND fitness)

I do understand this, I promise I do. In fact, when I began my daily God-Time, I was going to a personal training job at 4am, so I KNOW!! And at that time, I was NOT a morning person at all.

BUT….putting God first every single day, not just when you have some time in the car to say “hi”, God will totally arrange your schedule, be in charge of all parts of your day, and give you a crazy desire for more time with Him. I can’t explain it, but He does this!! Yes, it will seem like a chore at first, but eventually it gets easier and easier and you will want this time with Him daily.

FAITH TIP – just set your alarm 5 minutes earlier, that’s it!! Don’t start with something crazy, just 5 minutes. I just finished a free challenge where we spoke about this exact topic. The challenge is over, BUT if you want all of the videos that went along with it, click below.

I feel Christians struggle with all or some of these at some point, in fact, I think we all do.

  1. Do I read the Bible or devotionals?
  2. If I read the Bible, where do I start and how much do I read?
  3. How do I pray?
  4. Do I journal? If so, how?
  5. Do I pray about what I’ve read?

We just assume that we all know how to do all of this, but it’s not really taught. BUT, I have an incredible resource that will help with ALL of this. First of all, my blog posts are a great “go-to” for so many of these topics. And secondly, my Tribe, teaches ALL of that and on a daily basis.

If you’re still on the fence and just don’t know where to start, reach out to me; I can help you out, pray for you and get you on the right path. I know it’s not easy to start something that seems so huge and overwhelming and maybe your desire isn’t even close yet. I’m always here to help.

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