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Life Changing Morning Routine

How do you wake up each morning? Complaining about the alarm going off? Upset you have to get out of bed? Angry about the upcoming day? YEP, I know how that is.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually look forward to getting out of bed – I’m serious!!!

Check out my morning routine that truly changed my life!!!😲❤

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I’m betting you want to wake up all comfy and cozy with the sun shining into your bedroom to start a beautiful new day.


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There was a time in my life that I wasn’t happy with anything and just couldn’t figure out why. I believed in God and didn’t know why He wasn’t coming through for me. Check out this video where I explain all about it.

I began to learn, with a nudge from God, I wasn’t putting Him first!!! 😲 God doesn’t want any idols before Him and that could be just about anything: money, marriage, kids, jobs, etc… For me, it was hunting for a husband. I put that way before Him and it was the only thing on my mind. (if you’re a regular follower of mine, I so apologize you’ve had to hear this story over and over again 🤦‍♀️) BUT, I bring this up, because this struggle with singleness and my life during that period of time is what has led me here! God never puts us through situations for no reason. He will always use every struggle we deal with.

Because of that period of my life, I came up with the 7 STEPS TO A LIFE CHANGING MORNING guide just for YOU!! I can say without a shadow of a doubt, changing my morning routine (no matter how busy I was) completely and totally changed my life in an amazing way and I want to share this with you!! Grab you FREE Printable below…

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So what are my 7 Steps to a Life Changing Morning Routine???? (make sure you download your FREE printable so you can use this along with your morning prayer time)

  1. Set Your Alarm Early – it’s vitally important we start the day a few minutes earlier and GIVE that time to our Savior!
  2. Praise God – before your feet even hit the floor, Praise God for a new day – already starting your day on a more positive mindset. Get rid of the evil thoughts that Satan tries to make us start our day
  3. Supplies – grab your coffee, journal, and Bible
  4. Quiet Spot – find a place in your house where no one will bother you
  5. Bible Verse – start small with one Psalm per day
  6. Journal – journal about a verse you’ve read
  7. Pray – pray over that verse and just spend time with God

For a much more detailed teaching on this morning routine, download your FREE GUIDE here

Let me know if you got your Morning Routine Guide and how its working for you. I’d love to hear from you and how your morning routine is changing your life!!! Good luck.