picture of a person sitting on the ground with their head on their knees and next to that, blog post title: God brings pain before blessings

God Brings Pain Before Blessings

How many times have you gone through some type of pain before you truly experience the blessings? How did you deal with that? How did God bring you out of it?

I want to share firsthand how I know exactly how God can take someone through the wringer to bring about marvelous things. God may make things difficult, He may turn your life upside down, even change it a complete 180, but know this…God has GREAT plans for you! He has amazing things ready for all of us. And we have to be patient and deal with the hard times before the blessings occur. God never puts us through struggles for no reason.

woman with her head in her hands, looking frustrated or sad

There is light at the end of the tunnel, you will see amazing blessings come out of it. You just have to get to that point. It may be extremely hard, even heart breaking, but you can do it because you have your heavenly Father that’s going to give you the guidance, the support, the love, the peace – as long as you turn to Him.

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Check out my video on how God has broken my body down to bring about incredible blessings. I talk about my years of living for dance and fitness, my health issues, my Mayo visit (amazing place), and where God has brought me.

After being brought down with my body and not being able to do what I have loved my whole life, I learned about a brand new path God had for me. See precious Lucky in the pic above? Turns out, even he came out of this pain I suffered!!!

God ain’t wrong!! What I created (with His help, of course) was something that was really needed, like big time!! I did so much research and learned that women want to spend more time with God. Women want to make that time with Him a priority every day but they either don’t have time, can’t add one more thing to their plate, overwhelmed with the thought of it, don’t even know where to start in the Bible , etc… And lastly, women just want a community of women, believers, where they can get to know one another, have prayer time, share prayer requests and praises, and have that daily accountability.

And that’s why I launched my Gods Gals Tribe!!

I do all the work for you!! I tell you exactly what to do every day in your prayer time, what verses to read, I share short daily devotionals with you, monthly teachings, live prayer sessions, and you’ll have a community of believers.

Believe it or not, I am thanking God for the last 2 years of pain!! What is so incredibly amazing is God’s timing in all of this!! Literally the day I launched my new business is the day I found out I could start working out again. I mean….SERIOUSLY????? God is truly so unbelievable!!

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If you want to truly experience God’s blessings in your life, if you want to truly experience His wisdom being poured on to you, if you want to experience all that He has planned for you…You HAVE to put Him first in your life and you have to make sure He knows that you’re doing that. So that’s why I developed this God’s Gals Tribe because I want you to experience it like I have, I want your lives to be completely transformed like mine has.

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I would love to hear from YOU! Have you experienced some pain in your life that resulted in incredible blessings? Share below; I love to hear great God-blessings.