21 Day Cleanse Results

September 29, 2016

It’s official!!  I have finished the 21 day cleanse and I feel amazing.  In fact, I feel so great, I don’t even have an overwhelming desire to go back to my previous foods.    For those of you that know me or follow me, you may know that I have been eating very healthy for the past 10 months anyway, but I was eating dairy, meats and whole grains – all of which were not on this cleanse, at least not towards the end of it.  All vegan towards the end.     So how and why do this cleanse?????

I was blown away by the amount of weight and inches that I lost on this cleanse and that was NOT my intention at all.   As I had mentioned before, I already ate very clean and in just the right portions because I have been following a portion control plan for 10 months now.   I wanted to try this cleanse because so many of my clients have asked me about it  and I just HAD to know what it was all about.  If I’m going to be selling this product, I need to know first hand what it’s all about.

Secondly, I’ve never done a complete cleanse like this before (only our 3 day one) and I really wanted to know what’s involved in a cleanse.  I was a bit shocked and what all was involved, but in a good way.

The cleanse starts out week 1 eliminated animal protein, in the 2nd week, we eliminate dairy and in the 3rd, all whole grains are gone and it’s strictly fruits and veggies.   The hardest part for me was giving up the dairy because I eat a lot of eggs and yogurt.    Those 2 were very hard to say “goodbye” to.


* the food was out of this world amazing!  I couldn’t get over, nor could my hubby, how delish the meals were.    Foods I never would’ve prepared before or tried but just loved.

*huge portions, so you are never hungry.   I think we all tend to picture a cleanse with little or no food.  Not this one!   Food was in abundance and massive amounts.

*really learned how to slow down and appreciate the food in front of me.   Don’t rush through a meal, give thanks and savor every bite

*tried new foods I never would have tried.  Also went completely vegan and have never tried that before.   Didn’t mind it at all.

*learned so much about how to prepare food in a healthy way and so full of flavor without the bad stuff, also learned about what we should and should not be eating and how our body reacts to certain foods.   The amount of things I’ve learned just can’t be explained!!


*lots of cooking!!   If you like to cook, this will be no big deal, but this gal does NOT cook, AT ALL!   so this was something new for me.  Having to prepare every single meal was a big deal for someone who never cooks.  I did later learn there is a simplified menu at the end of the book; which i would’ve seen that earlier!!!

*lots of groceries!    Because we’re eating nothing but all natural foods, you will be buying a ton of produce!   As I said earlier, if you find the more simplified menu, you can probably avoid buying too much, like I did.   But in the beginning I was so excited I just went gung-ho!

Here’s a video I recorded about the cleanse….

I really don’t have a lot of bad things to say about this cleanse.  It was so well prepared and put together and I feel absolutely amazing afterwards.    I thought I’d want to jump into a cheeseburger after, but I feel so great, I just want to keep eating these foods.  And I plan to!    They recommend very slowly adding foods back in, one at a time, so as not to interrupt your digestive system and undo all that you’ve just done.   So this week I’ll be adding whole grains back then, then slowly dairy and the last will be meat!   Our bodies do not digest dairy and animal proteins very well, so that is why it is the last to be entered into the equation.

This new cleansed woman is ready to tackle the world!   I’ve never felt better or more energized and I went 22 days without coffee!!!!

If you have any questions about the cleanse or want to learn more, feel free to EMAIL ME and I’d be happy to chat with you about it.