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Yoga will make you STRONG!



Yoga to help ALL aspects of your life!

Yoga Series: Improve all areas of your life – series continues…

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I am thrilled to be sharing with you about my new yoga practice.  You may be know that I LOVE my weight lifting and my hard cardio workouts, but this newfound yoga practice is really growing on me.

If you have not read my previous yoga blog posts and wondering why so much yoga and no weights anymore???  Unfortunately I have been dealing with an upper back injury for over a year now and no matter what I try, nothing is making it any better.  I began a 30 day yoga challenge, which has spread into several months now and I want to share with you the many benefits of Yoga.

So far I have shared: Flexibility (see previous post in series)

Today I am sharing Strength with you.  

Want a tighter core, solid arms and sculpted legs? Not only can yoga make you more flexible and reduce stress, it can also make your body strong. By starting with poses like dolphin push-ups and half handstand, you can build and tone muscles throughout the body, and your mind will get a workout too. What about Planks, Tricep Push Ups, Holding a Warrior Pose for the legs????   Think you can’t get strong and toned with Yoga???  Think again.

Now roll out your yoga mat and get ready to sweat! You’ll be amazed by what you can do.

These Booty Moves and Core Moves are taken from my Yoga and PIlates workouts.  I dare you to tell me after doing this that yoga does NOT give you STRENGTH!!

Follow along with me in these videos:



More Benefits to come:



What is your favorite type of workout?  Have you tried yoga?  What do you think about it?  Any benefits you’ve seen resulting from your yoga practice?  Would love to learn more about you.