GG and Lucky dog in her new t shirt

Try On Haul – My New Clothing Line!!!

Anyone out there LOVE activewear like I do????

I love it so much that I started my own line of clothing!!  So so excited because I have dreamed of this my whole life!!  So many excuses I made as to why I couldn’t start my own clothing line: no time, no money, how to start, clueless with clothing lines, etc….


How many of you have made tons of excuses NOT to start something???

We have a God in Heaven that is so so so much bigger than all of our excuses!  There’s NOTHING He can’t do.  God brought the right people into my life in His perfect timing and it all came together just like it should have.  And the best part???  My line of clothing brings HIM glory!   My #1 priority is bringing God honor through my business.

Check out this video of my first Try On Haul!  Would love to hear what you think.  You will see my honesty in this video; don’t want to hide anything from my peeps.  Plus I know I Have a lot of Girl Bosses out there that may also want to start a line, so I need to share my tips.  Some of these I have taken off my site because of their sizing not being quite right.  More styles will be added, so stay tuned as we fine tune the site and clothing line.  Be patient as we perfect this!

Make sure you go shopping on my site and let me know how you like everything and if there’s anything else you’d like to see.