Why Your Vision Board isn’t Working

February 17, 2018

How many of you have made a Vision Board, stuffed it into the corner and forgot about it?

Curious to know if anything came true for you on that board….

I can say from personal experience that I did that!!  Last year, I started hearing the rage about Vision Boards and thought, “hey, let’s give this a try.”  Basically wasted days printing pix and cutting them up, buying fancy posterboard and markers and made my board.  Do you think any of it came true????  Big Fat NOPE!!   And WHY????

If you make your board, stuff it away and spend NO time looking over it, thinking about it and MOST IMPORTANTLY…..PRAYING  over it, it’s not going to come true.  It’s NO different than setting goals and never thinking about them again or trying to do what’s necessary to accomplish those goals.

Stay tuned for more step by step details on exactly HOW to Make this work for YOU!