GG and Holly at Unico Resort Mexico

Unico Hotel Riviera Maya Review

Paradise Found!!   Unico Hotel Riviera Maya


This place is truly paradise!  Unico is an all-inclusive piece of paradise.

I was actually blessed enough with this trip for FREE because I reached my goals in my fitness coaching business.  And was allowed to bring my hubby, too!  This place did NOT disappoint!  Such a gorgeous piece of paradise, truly.  The staff was incredibly accommodating, friendly and willing to do anything to make our stay amazing.  We do not have any food allergies, but they always made sure to ask at every single restaurant.

I actually loved the fact that this hotel was a smaller one.  I’ve stayed at all-inclusives before and most are so huge you get exhausted just walking to and from your room.  This place was a smaller one, yet still have restaurants of all kinds and ethnicities.   You never get bored or run out of food options.  As a very healthy eater myself, I loved the many many healthy options everywhere.   We stayed for 5 nights and never had to repeat our restaurant options; not that we would’ve minded because everything was delicious.  Never found a bad restaurant or meal.

The pools, lounge chairs, bars, etc. were all wonderful, comfortable and plenty of room, even for the huge group I was with (thousands!)

We were spoiled rotten at this place and I highly recommend it!  Make sure you watch my video to get the full effect of the place “in person.”  Let me know if you have stayed here before or what your favorite place in Mexico is.