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Single Ladies, Don’t Lose Hope

Singles, don’t lose hope and do not settle!

I know what it feels like to be single for what seems like forever!  I was in my 40’s and truly thought God has forgotten about me.  I had been in so many long-term relationships and so many of them I thought was “the one” !!!   One thing I learned from finally meeting “the one” – you WILL KNOW when you find that person God has picked out for you.

Set Your Non-Negotiables

This is a topic I am very passionate about because I was the queen of making excuses for men and “settling.”  As a dating Christian single, it is so important to set your non-negotiables before you go on your next date. And do not sway on those – set them in stone! And as crazy as this sounds, find out if your date fits these on DATE 1. I say this because if you do not, you’ll begin to fall for this man quickly and then you can’t get out and the excuses begin. You start to compromise on your own non-negotiables and DON’T DO THIS!! Believe me, I say this sternly because I know from years of experience.

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As a Christian, your number one priority and one thing you DO NOT COMPROMISE on is that your future mate MUST be a follower of Christ!  I don’t mean that maybe he has gone to church before or maybe willing to go to church with you.  I mean that this man is 100% devoted to the Lord and lives his life for Him.  Believe me, you will know! And do not think you can change him or that he will change. It is NOT your job to convert him – NO MA’AM!!!

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I made all kind of excuses for some of the men I was dating: he goes to church, he goes to Bible study, he’s willing to go to church, he’s such a nice guy, he treats me so well, etc…..  I could go on and on and on….  Even with the man I was dating before I met my husband, he was a Christian and he did go to church regularly, so I was just convinced he was IT!  Yet, I got my heart broken by him on multiple occasions; I made excuses for him all the time.  I kept saying, “he’s a christian, so I’m just sure this is the man God picked out for me.  God’s just making me stronger.”  Yep, crazy excuses right????   

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As hard as it was for me, my Heavenly Father saved me by having him break my heart.  Yes it killed me at the time, but that breakup is what drew me to my now-husband.  So blessed my God was looking out for me.  Remember that…when your heart is broken, God is looking out for you.  It may be excruciating now, but your future mate is waiting for you and how can you be ready for him, if you’re with the wrong one?   Stop making excuses for the one you’re with!  A broken heart is much better than being stuck in a bad marriage or going through a divorce.

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How Do You Cope with Years of Singleness?

A professional former single here!! When you hit 40 and still single and you’ve had your heart broken over and over again, you question everything: what’s wrong with me? Will I be single forever? Did I do something wrong? Why do I meet wrong man after wrong man? etc…..

I prayed and prayed and prayed, BUT… that was truly the only focus of my prayers. I had it all wrong. God wanted me to put Him first in my life, not husband-husband-husband. Check this out: What Idols are you putting before God?

God basically hit me over the head and said, “if you don’t put me first, that husband will never come!” Ok, so maybe He didn’t really say that, but I felt it. A ‘husband’ search was my Idol I was placing before God. Read the post above and you’ll see exactly what I’m speaking about.

What did I do? I learned to put Him first and my life did make a complete 180! What is my Morning Routine This is my blog post I wrote on exactly how I put God first every single day. Interested in a step by step guide to show you how to put God first days? Check out my FREE GIFT!! (2 FREEBIES below)

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I filmed the following video on my Facebook page to help give some hope to my fellow singles.  Always know you can reach out to me for prayer or just to chat.  Would love to hear from you; comment below with what you’re dealing with in your single journey.  Let’s all help each other out.