I’ll never SKIMP on this ONE thing – do you know what it is?

September 27, 2017

Hey Hey Hey Everybody!!

I bet you’re wondering what Coach GG won’t skimp on ever.





Well, yes, yes, yes and yes – but today I want to talk to you about my daily superfoods shake!

 I bet you’re thinking…

Why in the world would I spend so much on a shake???

Cuz you get what you pay for!!!

Ever notice when you skimp on something bc of the price, you PAY the price!?!?

I pay because my health is worth it!

Cannot express enough how these shakes changed my health after dealing with HYPOTHYROIDISM & a HYSTERECTOMY and 2.5 years later, still feeling like a million bucks!
Not to mention how my hubby, parents and fam’s health has greatly improved too

Plus, I’d much rather have 1 shake with more nutrients than I could ever get in, than spend a fortune on Amazon buying many superfoods & vitamins to make my own… Cray Cray

If you’re CURIOUS and want to know more – just comment below, I’ll get you the details you need to make a wise decision for YOU! I feel amazing and I’ll never give up my daily yum shake!

Coach GG

P.S. Even Lucky loves them Well, maybe just the photo opp – he LOVES the camera!