How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016

Maybe you’re like the rest of the country that thinks it’s the one day of the year that we can just completely blow it and eat everything in site.  Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!   You can live a healthy lifestyle and still eat healthy, even on this big food holiday and leave not feeling so sick and bloated and tired.

  I want to give you 5 Tips to help you have a healthier Thanksgiving Day!!

1.  Earn Your Meal – Make sure you get your workout in first thing on Thanksgiving day.  Even get the family involved.  BE THE EXAMPLE!!    If you’re in an unfamiliar place, even better because you can go exploring and go for a walk or run.  If you’re in a hotel, check out their gym.  Or feel free to check out Beachbody on Demand’s streaming service or YouTube has many workouts too, many from yours truly.   There are no excuses these days for missing a workout.    And you’ll be eating quite a bit of food today, so make sure you get that workout done and over with!   Then you have the whole day ahead of you to enjoy.

2. Make it a 3 Meal Day – Way too many people starve themselves just waiting for the huge meal of the day.    Instead of doing that, you will want to make sure you get 3 meals, just like any other day.  If you starve yourself for the big meal, you will be so ravenous that you will eat everything in site!   Then you will feel so sick and bloated afterward and who wants that???    Start with a good healthy breakfast (or a protein shake),  then have your big Thanksgiving meal and end your day with either a protein shake (Shakeology is perfect for this with its 70 superfoods, vitamins, fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics!) or have a salad topped with leftover turkey.

3. Fill up on Veggies & Turkey – Pile the healthy items on your plate and fill up on those first.   But make sure the veggies you are piling up aren’t filled with cheese, creams, butter, casserole type dishes!    I mean healthy veggies, like a salad, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc… veggies filled with fiber.   Also put a ton of turkey on your plate as well,  so you’re getting tons of greens and protein.

4.  Small bites of the “bad” stuff –  I don’t want you to deprive yourself because eating a healthier lifestyle is also about moderation, not deprivation.   So, yes, this is the one time of year you can try your favorite casseroles and dressings/stuffings, etc….  So don’t miss out on them, just don’t pile it on the plate!   Try one bite of each of your faves, so at least you can a sample of everything.  You can do the same with dessert: try one bite of your faves or split a dessert with a family member.

5. Don’t waste calories – I don’t want you to waste calories on store-bought food on foods that you can eat at any time.    By that I mean, store bought rolls or a store bought pie.   Save those calories for a homemade dish you’ve been waiting for all year but pass up anything that is just a waste of calories.

You guys can do this!!  Living a healthier lifestyle is not as hard as you may think and you aren’t even depriving yourself.   I never thought I could do it because I loved all bad foods!   I was the one who would pile ALL the horrible casseroles and fried dishes on my plate without one bit of green.   So if I  can do this and be happy, anyone can!!!   And I love it and I feel amazing.  No more feeling bloated, tired, sick, nasty, etc….  I am always full of energy and I just feel great all the time.    I am here to help if you think this just isn’t possible for you.    Feel free to EMAIL ME and I’d be happy to help you out.  

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for all of you and truly appreciate your support.