GG showing off her new clothing line

GG’s Got a New Clothing Line!!!!

I am thrilled to have started my own clothing line, something I have dreamed of doing for YEARS!!!  


So many excuses I made:

  • no time
  • no graphic’s skills
  • don’t know anyone who makes clothing
  • how do you even start, etc.

How many of you have made tons of excuses NOT to start something???

Guess what????  We have a Heavenly Father who is so much bigger than ALL of us!  So, don’t you think that our little dreams are big enough for Him to handle? He did create us, after all.  If God has put a dream on your heart, GO FOR IT!!   All you need to do is take ONE small step and He will take care of it from there.

I started my very first vision board this year and even though I have dreamed of having a line of clothing for probably 20 years, it wasn’t until I added it to that vision board that if finally came true.   I have a great video on my YouTube channel about vision boards –  Click Here for video

God brought the right people into my life in His perfect timing and it all came together just like it should have.  And the best part???  My line of clothing brings HIM glory!  What’s always been most important to me is bringing God the glory and honor through my business.

Check out this video of my first UNBOXING!  Would love to hear what you think.

Make sure you go shopping on my site and let me know how you like everything and if there’s anything else you’d like to see.