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Finding Your Balance

Yoga to help ALL aspects of your life!  We’re going to be finding balance in our lives.

Yoga Series: Improve all areas of your life – series continues…

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I am thrilled to be sharing with you about my new yoga practice.  You may know that I LOVE my weight lifting and my hard cardio workouts, but this newfound yoga practice is really growing on me.

If you have not read my previous yoga blog posts and wondering why so much yoga and no weights anymore???  Unfortunately I have been dealing with an upper back injury for over a year now and no matter what I try, nothing is making it any better.  I began a 30 day yoga challenge, which has spread into several months now and I want to share with you the many benefits of Yoga.

So far I have shared: Flexibility, Strength, and Faith (see previous post in series)

Today I am sharing BALANCE with you.  

When we practice yoga, we’re not only working on our physical body, we’re also working on our energy and our mind. As we grow in our yoga practice, we can see the results of all this work in our life: we feel more comfortable in our bodies, we have more energy, our emotions become more stable and our minds more focused. The most important aspect of yoga is that it will help you still your mind. The reason why this is the most important aspect of yoga is that the mind is the source of our reality. If we learn to still our minds, we can be free from any limiting thoughts that bring negativity into our lives. If we can still our minds, we can relax deeply and allow our bodies to rejuvenate.

Physically, balance is extremely important, especially as we age.  Our ability to balance diminishes as we get older and if we lose balance, we tend to fall and injure ourselves.  You can truly help with your balance, the more you practice yoga and the balance postures, the better your balance will become.  And it’s never too late to start.

In this video, you will see some basic ways to practice your balance on a day to day basis.  I show you ways to add balance into your daily tasks, like brushing your teeth.

By the way, make sure you check out my retreat page: because I will be teaching Christian Yoga at our Wellness Retreat in October; all ages and fitness levels welcome!


I have enjoyed sharing this Yoga Series with you.  It has helped my life in so many ways and with my back injury, it is helping me still be able to workout in a meaningful way.  Let me know what you thought and if my videos were helpful.