Don’t Waste Your Time with Cardio

May 23, 2018 | Coach GG

Are you spending your days on a treadmill?

What about going for walks everyday?

Attending tons of cardio classes at the gym?

There is nothing wrong with cardio, BUT, if that is ALL you’re doing, you are basically just wasting your time.  Cardio is very good for strengthening our hearts and is good if used with strength training.  I just hate to see all of my ladies out there wasting their time on cardio equipment or just walking or running and not adding weights to their workouts.

Very Common Myths I hear from women:

“I don’t want to get bulky.”

“Weights are intimidating.”

“Lifting weights is for guys.”

How many times have you said this to yourself when the topic of lifting weights has come up?

But when was the last time you picked up a bag of groceries? Or lugged a suitcase up a flight of stairs? Or loaded yourself up with a five-pound purse, a diaper bag, and then heaved a 15-pound kid onto your hip?

***Breaking news: You’re already lifting weights every single day.***

Building muscle has all kinds of benefits: Strength training can help you burn more fat, lose weight, build strong bones, and help you do all the heavy lifting that happens in real life.

And don’t worry, lifting weights is NOT going to bulk us up and make us look like body builders. Women don’t have the genetic makeup to get bulky like men, and even men have to train specifically to gain a ton of muscle mass.

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