Crock Pot Cookin’ – Join my FREE Group!

October 6, 2016

Do you have one of these in your house?  I have to tell you, whoever invented the crock pot was a GENIUS.  Throw in a few meal ingredients, set the time/temperature and voila! By dinner time, you have a delicious meal ready (plus your house smells wonderful as your meal slowly cooks throughout the day)  Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about my favorite slow cooker dishes.


Even though I work at home, I still LOVE to  use my crock pot.  I have heard from so many of my challengers in the past that they love crock pot meals but don’t know where to find healthy, clean eating recipes.  I actually hosted a FREE 5 day recipe group back in February with 5 yummy dishes and there was a great response – everyone loved it!  So much so, that I have people asking me regularly, “Coach GG, when will you do another crock pot recipe group?”

Well, I aim to please.  Fall is such a busy time of year… starting to prepare for the holiday season (I LOVE fall decorating and fall weather – October IS my birthday month, after all!!)  and with busy schedules with career, families, kids’ activities, and holiday festivities, my ladies need to simplify their lives as much as possible.

I have a free 5 day clean eating crockpot recipe group starting on Monday.  If you’re interested in some YUMMY healthy recipes to try, just click the link below to join! (It’s being run in a Facebook group)  Feel free to ask a friend!

Click here to join