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Why you need to be at the Christian Wellness Retreat!

You remember to finally go to the retreat site, you go to buy your ticket and then….that feeling of doubt creeps in and you hesitate.
I totally get it!  There have been so many retreats and conferences that I missed out on because of the many excuses popping into my head.  And the ones I did attend, I could not imagine my life without them!
Leaving the family, kids, husband, furbaby, and even work, seems like a crazy thing to do.  It’s HARD to choose to spend several days away from them.  It’s a sacrifice to take that time away and seems selfish.  
As a Woman of Faith, it is vitally important that my business be focused on the Lord.  I truly want every part of my business to bring Him Glory.  In my blog posts below and in our Christian Woman’s Wellness Retreat, I want to share this knowledge with other Christian women.  Maybe you will relate to all of the reasons below as to why it’s hard to commit to joining a retreat away from the family and busy life.

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My Christian Friend: You are NOT Being Selfish Looking out for YOU

There’s this struggle that we need to address and it has to do with taking care of YOU!  Taking time out to better yourself is anything BUT selfish!  In fact, it’s pretty much selfless.  What I mean by this is… you take care of people day in and day out.  Busy as a bee, running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  But what’s going to happen if you’re not taking care of you; who is?  Who will take care of the family, the kids, the furbaby, the job, your business?  You’re so run down, you’re exhausted and at your whit’s end.  This is when our health goes down hill.

Taking just a few days away, to take care of you, meet new friends, recharge, get spiritually enriched and just relax is just what you need!

picture of lady working at computer stressed out and not taking the time for her

picture of lady working at computer stressed

There’s another HUGE Struggle We’re dealing with…

We’re dealing with the ENEMY who is feeding you those lies.  The lies that you can’t leave your house, family, job.  The lies telling you that you are the only one who can take care of all of that.  The lies that tell you how selfish you are being going away on a vacay.

This is why my mother and I created this STRONGER TOGETHER retreat!  We want ladies to have a safe place to get away.  We want to share with our fellow Women of Faith incredible Faith-based Activities.  We want you to….

  • Relax first and foremost
  • Grow in your walk with Christ
  • Enjoy Christian Yoga
  • Meet new like-minded friends
  • Get rid of the stress in your life and learn how to cope with that
  • and so much more….

This is our goal for our time together. We want you going back home, stress-free and learning how to cope with future stress.  Loving God even more and learning how to fit Him in to your busy life.  And a great new bunch of “sisters.”

That’s our heart; so if that’s your heart, too, let us address more of the practical side of what may be making you hesitate in committing to come….


woman lying down, says, You can treat yourself to a wellness retreat

I can’t afford a ticket…

This was always my number 1 excuse.  Yet, I had no problem going out for many meals, buying coffee daily, buying the latest greatest outfits.  How was all of that benefiting me spiritually, physically, or mentally?  NOT at all!

I ask you….Have you prayed about it?  As business women and busy moms, we often try to make decisions on our own. We never want anyone to make an unwise decision, but we also know that this retreat will be something you truly need– spiritually, personally, professionally and for your health!  We’re not telling you to ignore your bank account.  We’re just asking you to pray about it!

I don’t know anyone else coming…

That’s exactly why you should come! One of the hardest parts of being a busy Christian woman is how isolated we so often feel. You may come alone, but you will NOT leave alone! You’ll leave resourced, encouraged, and with an entourage of prayer warriors in your corner! (Just think, you’re going to be in a room full of YOU’s!)  But guess what else???  You can bring a friend, sister, mother, daughter, anyone or just YOU!  

I just don’t have the time…

I always used to say, “someday.”  When I have more time, when the holidays are over, when work is not so busy, etc….  Always something.  But guess what????  SOMEDAY never comes!  We always think we’ll have more time, money, resources at another time, but hate to break it to you…Not gonna happen.

I never leave my family…

How great for your family, work, business that you come home refreshed and stress-free!  Have you spoken to everyone about this?  I am betting they will think this is great for you to get away and detox yourself.  

Watch this video I made on the retreat and what exciting life changes you will get from this retreat!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Ta3PPi7fw[/embedyt]


Why you do need to attend this Christian Woman’s Wellness Retreat

My lovely Woman of Faith, my mother and I wanted a safe place for women to get away.  To meet fellow like-minded ladies, relax, treat themselves, and enrich their lives.

woman reading the bible, says, why retreats are good for you soul


You need to withdraw from your hectic, stressed life and start fresh.  You can focus on God and His plan for you instead of rushing from one thing to another.  How often do you get time to spend with our Heavenly Father in your day to day life?  You get a new perspective, you regroup and re-energize. You find inspiration.Then you put inspiration into action. Getting away from it all gives you focus on what it is that inspires you, whether it be writing, doing yoga or coming up with a business plan.


How often to you actually get time?  Time by yourself.  Time to think.  Time to relax.  Time with friends. And most importantly, time with God.  Which leads us to the next reason…


We’re so busy rushing around, we don’t even hear from God?  He’s trying to get your attention but hectic lives don’t lend themselves to “hearing” from Him.

Now is the perfect time to put away the phones and no TV’s either.  Focus on daily time with God.  Plus, we’ll have daily prayer time, devotions and Christian Yoga.  This is a great time to stop, listen and hear from Him.


Do you have a dream you’ve always been scared to go for?  A passion God has put on your heart but you just don’t know where to start?  I can so relate to this.  I have had so many dreams I wanted to go after, but time and lack of talent were my excuses I told myself.  I even wanted to get away to a Christian Women’s Retreat and made excuses for that and didn’t go.  So the excuses kept on coming.  Don’t let this happen to YOU!!  You can stop this cycle, get away, relax, and find your inspiration.

When you’re stuck in the same rut day after day and in the same busyness of life, most likely, you won’t find that inspiration you need.  You have to change your environment, to get away to a peaceful place to find this!  A Christian Women’s Retreat is THE place for this!


Running from one place to the next, can lead to some unhealthy eating habits and lack of fitness.  You will be enjoying all healthy meals at this retreat, daily workouts, and mindfulness workshops.  No better way than to get your mind and body back into a healthy routine.  This new perspective can lead you to start implementing healthier habits in your daily life.

Remember Who You Are and WHOSE!

Society wants you to be the mother, sister, wife, friend…   But truly, we are all Sisters in Christ!  We are His daughters!

We are here to be reminded that we are actually individuals, human beings, as opposed to “human doings.”   At this retreat, you can drop all the roles. You can just be you for the first time in decades.

Find Your People

This is where you can come and meet like-minded ladies, just like YOU!  We are all so different, yet we have the common bond of being children of God.  And He has brought you to this retreat to meet new “sisters”, relax, get healthier, spend time with Him, and just enjoy time being just YOU!

Re-Establish Your Life

Sure, you can optimize conditions in your own life to create a non-negotiable daily time with God or yoga practice or healthy eating habits. But if you’re trying to squeeze time into an already full schedule, creating those conditions at home can take years. Establishing them on a retreat is easier.

As opposed to having to fight through your routine to form a creative schedule, you go on retreat and get encouraged by the example of others.

You go back home and re-establish your life in a new way.  Christian Women’s Retreats are important because people leave retreats fitter, rested, happier, and more focused on our Creator.

Who doesn’t want some of that?

My Christian Friend, Are You Ready to join us at the Stronger Together Christian Women’s Retreat???

I am so ready to meet you and get us all in a healthier state of mind, by most importantly focusing more on God and finding that peace we all need.

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