Can Yoga Help in ALL Areas of Your Life???

Yoga to help ALL aspects of your life!

I am thrilled to be sharing with you all about my new yoga practice.  You may be know that I LOVE my weight lifting and my hard cardio workouts, but this newfound yoga practice is really growing on me.  

In case you’re wondering why so much yoga and no weights anymore???  Unfortunately I have been dealing with an upper back injury for over a year now and no matter what I try, nothing is making it any better.  I have literally tried everything: chiropractors, physical therapy, accupuncture, orthopedic doctor, massage, anti-inflammatory herbal supplements, etc…. You name it! I even got a new desk and chair, thinking my workstation may be the problem.  Not only has it not gotten better but it has now spread to the low back. I made a decision during a long vacay in Mexico to stop all workouts except yoga.

I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge and learning so much about how yoga does impact every single area of our lives.

I’ll be sharing with you these benefits of Yoga:





Check out my video and let me know what areas you need help with.