Arms, Abs, Booty Workout

March 24, 2018

Who could use a quick workout that gets ALL of our fave spots???

This workout can be used quickly to just hit each body part or you can make it into a full workout combining cardio and strength.

I cannot stress enough the importance of strength training!  As women, especially as we age, we lose muscle FIRST!  So it’s vitally important to gain that strength back.  Muscles do so much for our bodies:

1. Boost our metabolism (who couldn’t use that as you age???)

2. Protect our joints

3. Help improve mobility

4. Helps us with balance as we age

5. Makes everyday activities easier: reaching high spaces, lifting groceries, bending over, etc.

You will see that I am using bands and sliders; WOW is all I can say!  These will work your muscles like nothing has before!  I have links to these products in my video.  BUT, you don’t have to use these items.  It’s just a great way to work the muscles in a different way.  It’s always great to confuse our muscles so we don’t get in a rut and hit a plateau.

Do let me know if you have any questions or other workouts you’d like to see.

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