journal and cup of coffee on a table

Want to join my first ever Virtual Retreat?

Have you ever been to a Virtual Retreat? What about a regular in-person retreat?

Well…you’re in luck! I decided to throw my first Virtual Retreat and it was for ladies like you.

  • Maybe you’ve been wanting to attend a retreat but just not quite sure what it’s all about?
  • Just can’t make it work with your schedule?
  • Financially strapped right now?
  • Never been away from the kids/husband/work….?
  • Want to try before you buy?
  • Never been on a trip with just ladies? Isn’t there a bunch of drama with a bunch of women?
picture of open Bible with a coffee cup on a table

Whatever you reason may be, I came up with this Virtual Retreat so anyone can join in the fun.

Join in the first ever Virtual Retreat – right here, right now…

I want you to set aside some time to enjoy this, get comfy clothes on, grab some coffee or your fave bevvie and let’s get working on ourselves and our faith. I created this video for you to join us on this journey.

Take the full time to really enjoy this and take the time for YOU! I know you’re busy, but now is the time to truly rest, relax, recharge and just step away for about an hour of your day.