Putting God First Series: What are Your Idols?

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What are you putting as #1 in your life now?  

Is it your job? Money? Material possessions? Your spouse or lack of?

Anything we put before our Lord becomes an Idol in our lives.  God does not like for anyone to have idols! He wants to be our IDOL!

I am just as guilty as the next person!  When I was in my 40’s, I really was so distraught over STILL being single.   I thought it was the worst thing ever. I know my singles are feeling me over this topic.  I literally couldn’t focus on anything but that topic; pretty much ruling my life. I just thought I wasn’t complete until I got a husband.  Such a wrong way of thinking, but common, unfortunately.

If we are so focused on anything that’s Not HIM, how can HE bring us His best?  Whether it’s a future husband, money, a new job, etc… God wants to shower us with His blessings, but if we are NOT putting Him first in our lives, He can’t do that.  

So….how do we do this?  We put God first in our lives!  My book, “But First, Pray’ deals with this very topic.  I even have a very easy 4-step process to help you make this daily time for God.  It doesn’t have to be a time consuming process, BUT, doesn’t our Creator deserve our time?  Why do we have time for everything else but the ONE who can actually help us with every aspect of our lives???  

Check out this video and share this with anyone who is dealing with Singleness or just needing to make time for God.  

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