Fit over 40!!!!

October 17, 2016

This week I turned 46 and I am the healthiest and most fit I have ever been in my life!

 I am shocked myself when I think back just a few years ago, when I was 40 and I had started to tell my mother to start buying me 1-piece bathing suits because it was “that time.”   I had convinced myself that now that  I was 40 and it was OK to start gaining weight and just “let myself go.”

I was still a fitness professional and had been my whole life, but never really saw my body change or get many results from my many years of hard work as a fit pro.   I would teach 10-15 classes per week, go to the gym and lift weights, also teach ballroom dancing and compete in competitions.   So I was extremely active.    I thought I was eating healthy, too, but it was very hit or miss with the nutrition.  I’d eat very healthy a few days and then blow it a few days.   I’ve since learned, it doesn’t work that way, LOL!

I became a Fitness Coach a little over 1 1/2 years ago and in the beginning I didn’t think I needed to follow THEIR meal plan and THEIR workouts because as a fitness professional, I thought I was too good for that.  I was a former personal trainer, after all, I knew how to workout and also a certified fitness professional, so I knew how to eat well and how to take care of my body; can we say “stubborn”????     Well, luckily, I was convinced by others that I really did need to try these programs and meal plans in order to really tell others about them.  So I took a program on and I decided to start with Hammer and Chisel as my first.

I’m the kinda gal that does things 120% – nothing halfway for me!   If I’m going to do something, it’s ALL or NOTHING!   So I followed the meal plan completely, drank the shakes (that I already had a passion for) and followed the complete workout.  HOLY CANNOLI!!!   After this 60 day program, I looked and felt like a different person.   Couldn’t believe myself.  I felt absolutely amazing and my body completely transformed!!!  It was because I actually followed THEIR workouts and THEIR meal plan.    It works, 100%!  If you combine fitness AND nutrition and you do it properly, you WILL see results!   If you do you own thing and eat what you think is healthy, then you probably will see ZERO results; like I did for my entire life.

 I have never felt better in my life or been in better shape.   I’m amazed that just 6 years ago I was going to resign myself to just allow myself to gain weight and convinced that it was part of aging.   NO EXCUSES!   Never use AGE as an excuse because it’s never too late to start getting healthy!   I have completely changed my eating and have been on this healthy meal plan for 10 months now and absolutely love it.  It’s my lifestyle now and wouldn’t even think about going back to my old habits.     I workout everyday and it’s my daily non-negotiable and I just do it at home for 30-40 minutes per day; hardly anytime at all.

Not only do I physically look better but my digestion is 100% better, my energy is way up and all naturally, I just feel so good and my immune system is boosted way up and I’m just so much happier!

I feel so blessed that God brought this Coaching business into my life because it changed me in more ways that I can count: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc…..

If you’d like any help getting started with a fitness program and/or meal plan, do  EMAIL ME

and I’d be happy to help you out.  I absolutely love helping others get on a healthier path; just like I did.

If you’d like more info about becoming a Coach, like me, I’d be more than happy to  chat with you about that, too.   EMAIL ME and we’ll chat!!   This business has changed my life so much and I love to help women start their own fit businessess, too.